FAQ’s for Tenants

Q: What is our application process?

A: You must submit a rental application, either online or in person, and answer all questions on the form. All adults living in the rental unit over the age of 18 must complete an application and meet qualification requirements.  You must pay the $40 (for an individual), nonrefundable application fee. An additional $40 application fee will be charged for each co-tenant over 18 years of age. We will determine whether, from your responses to the application questions, you qualify for the unit you are applying for. If you do not, we will reject your application. If you do, we will check your credit report, criminal history, and employment and rental references to confirm that they meet our rental criteria. If you meet our criteria, we will approve your application. This process typically takes 24 to 72 hours.  We process only one application at a time for any of our rental units. If you are interested in renting a property that has an application pending on it, we can accept back-up applications. You will not be asked to pay an application fee if you submit a back-up application. If the first application is rejected, we will call the person(s) who submitted the first back-up and give them an opportunity to apply and at that time collect the fee.

Q: What does the $40.00 application fee cover, and why is it nonrefundable?

A: Our application fee covers our costs to screen you as a Tenant. This includes not only the application report fee, but also the time our staff must take to collect and verify the information on your application and make a decision on your application. Therefore, the $40.00 fee is nonrefundable because we incur the costs of processing your application regardless of whether your application is approved or declined.


Q: What type of criteria do we require for an approved application?

A: Your combined monthly income should be at least two and a half times the monthly rent and must be verifiable.  You must have satisfactory rental references from at least two prior landlords or for at least the last two years. If you have ever been evicted or sued for any lease violation, we may reject your application. Your credit record must currently be satisfactory. If your credit history shows any unpaid debts, we may reject your application.

If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify for the rental unit if you can get a third party to guarantee your lease. If you have ever been convicted of a felony, we may reject your application. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty or violence within the past five years, we may reject your application.

Q: Do you accept pets?

A: We are a pet-friendly company, but different buildings have different rules. Pets are assessed and allowed on a case-by-case basis, with a non-refundable pet fee. If you are considering getting a pet and are already in one of our apartments, please check with us first to avoid any disputes later on.

Q: What fees are required for move-in?

A: We ask for a security deposit (same amount as the monthly rent) and the first month’s rent paid in full even if the move-in occurs part way through the month. We will collect the security deposit and the first full months rent and if the move-in occurs part of the way through the month, the following months rent will be prorated and due on the 1st.  These must be paid in secured funds (Cashier’s Check or Money Order), prior to receipt of keys for move-in.

Q: When is rent due?

A: Your rent is due in advance, on the first day of each calendar month. If your rent is not received by the end of business on the 3rd of each month, you will receive a late fee.

Q: Am I allowed to make “improvements” to my unit?

A: All improvements (shelves, paint, etc.) must be approved by the management company in writing. Any improvements that result in the unit needing to be returned to pre-move-in conditions (wall-color, shelves, etc) may lead to deductions from your security deposit.

Q: How do I submit a work order for repair?

A: Our highly trained maintenance is located in house. They work Monday- Friday from 9:30am-5:00pm. You can come to our office to fill out a request form for maintenance, you can submit a work order online through your tenant portal, you may call (505) 823-2222 or email Mail@RockSolidRealtors.com. If you have an after hours emergency,  please call our 24 hour number and provide the type of emergency to our staff.

Q: What maintenance is the tenant responsible for paying?

A: The tenant is responsible to pay for tenant caused damage during their tenancy. Some of these types of items are: light bulbs, smoke detector batteries and broken windows. If a call to the maintenance department is made for this type of repair, the tenant will end up being “billed back” for the materials and labor charges.

Q: Is renter’s insurance required under my Lease?

A: Our building insurance does not cover, and we cannot be responsible for: A) damage to any of your personal property in your rental unit regardless of the cause, or B) any injuries occurring in your rental unit to you or your guests which are caused by your negligence. For this reason, you are encouraged to purchase a renter’s (personal property and general liability) insurance policy, and we also ask that you provide us with a copy of the policy and add Rock Solid Property Management as additionally insured. We highly recommend you purchase renters insurance.

Q: When will I get my security deposit back after I move out?

A: Under the New Mexico Law, you are entitled to the return of your security deposit to you within 30 days from the date Rock Solid Property Management receives the keys.